How can I bulk edit this code?


스크린샷 2021-04-22 18.59.52
How can I bulk edit this kind of code??
I want bulk import and export this data on cvs file. but I could not find some editor or program for easy way.

I need help some information. Thank you

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That looks like JSON, you’ll need a JSON parser for the programming language of your choice, and then a CSV writer. For example in Python you could use the built-in json and csv modules.


in addition to @airtower-luna’s great info, these sort of things often have online tools available for one-offs. Searching “JSON to CSV converter online” in the search engine of your choice should result in some sites that do the conversion for you. Sometimes there are limitations on these tools for complex input but I think in this case you should have good results.

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@airtower-luna @billythekid Thank you so much for your information really helpful for me.