How can I align my wordpress content to the left

My website content is centered and I need it to be on the left. How do I go about that? This is an example of a post on my website.

Hi @atmarstein,

While our community might be able to help you with this, the GitHub Support Forum is primarily focused on projects surrounding GitHub. You might have better luck on the WordPress Support Forum.


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Thank you for the quick reply. Anywhere with urgent answer would be appreciated. I’ve placed a question there too

Well, it’s hard to say without digging in to your site, but if you’re modifying the CSS, what you’re looking for is text-align: left; applied to the container that your text is in. If you’re using the WordPress editor, there should be a button for paragraph alignment.

Yes, I am modifying css with wordpress theme editor. I have no idea where to find that.
If I know the folder, I can copy the code and show you if you don’t mind.

Unfortunately, I think that’s beyond my ability to help. Sounds like you might need to go through the WordPress theming documentation and the documentation on how to use the CSS Inspector in Firefox or the Inspector in Chrome.