How accurate are the locations listed in the Security Log

First off I have no good reason to think my account has been compromised – I’m just trying to get a handle on how I should be interpreting the entries in my Security Log.

All my recent activity has been from my residence but over the last week or so I’ve connected via my cell’s hotspot as well as my dialup’s DSL provider.

And I’ve been installing/configuring a new PC/Windows image.

So lots of new log-ins and auth confirmation requests — but all from the same (physical) residence.

The most recent ones have my location dead-on. But looking further back I’m seeing locations in my state where the town is quite far away and also quite small … not some place you’d expect Verizon or my DSL provider (CenturyLink) to have a data center.

Should I be paying more attention to these accesses than I currently really want to?