Hotreloading with Websocket

Hello, I am trying to get a hotreloading feature working which is using websocket on port 3000.
Codespace is automatically forwarding port 80 to 3000 internally, but the script is still trying to poll 3000.
Is there a way to open / forward port 3000 on the url ?

More details here:

Hey! Thanks for reporting this. Out of curiosity: are you able to specify port 443 to the Vite CLI when starting it up? I’m just curious if that would provide a workaround in the meantime, while we look into how to best support this specific tool :+1:

Update: This issue is because the dev server is “forwarded” over port 443, but the Vite HMR client is being set to 3000. I just sent a PR to Vite to fix this, and in the meantime, you should be able to workaround it by running sudo vite --port 443 (sudo is required since 443 is a “protected” port). Let me know if that works for you!

Hey Jonathan,

That was fast! Thx a lot for looking into that issue and providing the fix.
I really love codespace and can’t wait to use it extensively on what ever device I carry around.

Cheers Chris