Hotmail acccount hacked, cant verify github account

Hi guys.

My hotmail account has been hacked, with the hacker changing my password, adding his own email, meaning that even though I get a code to my recovery email and enter it, I cannot proceed because of his email account (2 factor authentication I believe).

My understanding is that you can login hotmail via github. I know the login details for my github account, but, because I am using a new computer (and dont have access to the previous machines I accessed github from) although I am successfully entering my username and password, a verification code is being sent to my hacked email, and or my phone number, or some alternative measure?

Is there any possibility of me having this waived/the code sent to a different account, so I can try and login into my hotmail account using my github details?

See, my hotmail account contains very important emails, some of which will be potentially used in court.

Hello @wenkinnoc

Thanks for being here. Our private support team are the only ones that can help with the matter of your Github account login issue (or account verification). Please reach out to them with the info for help with this. We are unable discuss specific account details in the public forum.

Same thing happened to me only I wasn’t using GitHub but my Hotmail account. Retired once they