Hosting a saved webpage?

I’m trying to host a saved webpage (ie. chrome webpage complete or safari’s webarchive) using github pages for a school project. While the html file opens on github pages just fine, it seems that the saved webpage includes some php and js for styling (with css, I believe all of them are used), and so styling is not visible. I know php is not usable on GitHub pages (static pages only), but the webpage opens without a problem locally, making me wonder if it’s an issue/incompatibility with GitHub pages. Here is the source code 

thanks in advance!

e: also here is what it looks like right now, styleless 

Hello Jeron,

I’m looking at the repo you linked, is this the one you’ve been using for Github Pages? It will not work because the name of the repo must be

In order for your domain to work

Thanks for the reply, that is the repo I am using, domain is not the issue and the site is accessible. The issue is that it is not using the style files that are in that repo 

Hi @thisisjeron,

Thanks for being here! You have this line on your index.html

link rel="stylesheet" href="./Ward Goodenough - Wikipedia_files/load.php

Which indicate to load a PHP file. GitHub pages hosting service is intended to host static web pages for GitHub users.”, PHP is not static therefore it will not execute. 

I hope this helps!


Yeah, I had the same problem. Use: