Host files to embed on other sites


I am completely new to GitHub and hoping someone can help me out with what I would like to do. I am looking for a place to post collateral that I am creating myself with Adobe products so I can then embed them on other sites. 

For example, I’ve created an interactive PDF with Adobe InDesign. I published that using Adobes online publishing to the web. That automatically created an embed code for me to use. Then I copy that code and embed it in a tile on my company intranet or in Power BI. 

I want to do the exact same thing but without using the Adobe publishing service. I also want to include other types of collateral, such as videos, GIFs, Infographics, etc. Basically, anything visual I create, I need a place to host it and then be able to embed it into another location. 

The biggest stumbling block I have is that I assume I can figure out whatever code I need to display a video on a page in GitHub and then I can iframe that page to the other site. But it puts the whole page and not just the object. Sort of like the difference between iframing an entire youtube page, with the comments and everything, vs just the actual video on its own. I want just the video, but only know how to add the whole page. 

So, can I do that with github? And if so, how? Sorry for the long explanation. I am not sure how to phrase this better. 

Thanks in advance. 

Hi @hollyperret,

GitHub Pages is not intended to be used to distribute configuration files, large binaries, or other static assets.

If traffic to your site consumes network resources at a rate vastly disproportionate to other users, it may begin to impact our ability to serve other users’ content, and as such, we cannot guarantee your site’s availability.

You may be able to minimize the amount of traffic the GitHub Pages servers sees, for example, by placing CloudFlare, CloudFront or another CDN in between your users and GitHub Pages.

Additionally, there are several low-cost services that are optimized for bulk storage and distributing large files. You can find more information on those services at

I hope that helps!