Host a website without Domain?

First off, I’m very new here so I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to ask!

Hi, I just recently started on a small website project and decided to upload it to Github. I already saw that ypu can host website on here and already found a tutorial. However, apparently I need a domain for that, isn’t there a way without? What I mean is just the normal github domain /myproject or something, is that possible?

First of all, welcome to the community! Secondly, it this might have been a better place to post:, since I think the feature you are referring to in your post is Github Pages. Anyway, I’ll try to answer your question.

You have to types of GH Pages sites: an orginization or user site - this is a website for your whole profile and a repository stie - this is a site intended for use by just one repository.

If you want to create an orginization/user site just create a repository named Then, follow the tutorials on how to set up a GH Pages site in that repository.

If you want to create a site for a single repository, just create a branch named “gh-pages” and put your site in there, according to the tutorials.

If you want to access your user/orginazation site just head over to If you want to access a repository site just head over to!

You CAN youse a custom domain if you want to, but it is not mandatory.

The following link acutally contains all info on what I just said:

I hope I anwered your question.


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