Hoow to send PRs from repos that share git history but aren't "Github forks?"

I have a repo that is a git fork of some other repo, but it is not a “Github fork” of it. How do I send a PR to the original repo?

Do you mean you have a clone of a repo but you haven’t forked the repo and you want to open a PR?


Is there a reason you dont want to fork it and follow the normal process?

You could try to push a feature branch to the upstream (primary repo) then diff/raise PR. (You likely won’t be able to though.)

Well, sometimes I already have created a repo without forking, and deleting and recreating a fork is a pain.

Forks also suck. You can’t set them to private, they get deleted if sth happens to the original repo, etc.

You can attach a local clone to a new fork, that’s no big deal.

Just git remote set-url origin <your_fork> then push and create PR.

Or better, add a second remote, assuming you want to keep using the repository you already have on GitHub. :slightly_smiling_face:

See also: Git - Working with Remotes