Homepage's All Activity is not dark

Dark mode looking sick :fire: I noticed that the ‘All Activity’ section on the home page is still in light mode though.


Hey @ben-sommer, we are happy you like it! You can set it to be with your system or to always be dark or light:


I set it to dark mode but I noticed that only some of the sections were still in light mode. Might have been some browser extensions - will check now.

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Seems to have been one of my browser extensions, or it just got fixed now. Either way, this issue is now resolved.

Yup I was just about to comment that you probably have github-refined enabled.

Looks like it’s already been reported as well:

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Ah, good spot. I was looking at my Github Dark Mode extension instead :man_facepalming:

Hi @iambrj! I’m going to refer you to this related topic. If you are using the github-refined browser extension enabled, the “All activity” feed will be broken.


It’s now fixed! Thanks.

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Glad it’s now fixed @mohsinulhaq - this is caused by having the refined-github extension enabled. Hope you’re enjoying dark mode!

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