Home assistant/baby monitor and automation

i’m a very new member to github, so apologies in advance.

I’ve got a little one on it’s way and would like to automate & monitor her room in the same direction as


but I’ve got hassio, raspberry and sonoff switches.

Is there any guide somewhere that i can follow and gain some knowledge as I go? 

  • then- I would like to ask if it’s possible to use th16+sensor as thermostat and cast to tablet?
  • -cause ive got ptc film and aircon in 4 rooms.
    • where do i bo to buy all the sensors and does the components work on udoo and pi3+?
  • i’ve got switch and 8 ch nvr(onvif) plus a 10" rasp touch screen that i’m planning to use as monitor.

reallyy…sorry again-i honestley just have no aim or direction even and just need some guidance 

What are my options   for my gate, garage and alarm are ET nice 433rf rolling codes? i watch DRZZSand THE HOOKUP read so much up AS WELL, but can’t find these anwsers(for me)

and our baby Alexa is not to far

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I’ve been fooling around with hassio myself since picking up a PI a few months back - home assistant already has a forum that may be better suited to directly answer your questions


good luck and congrats!

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