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Hello I would like to know how can I proceed to script an XML file to animate a milking roto

Hi, maybe you would like to edit your title and add some more details about what you are trying to achieve? Everyone here is very helpful, but we can’t help much if we don’t know what you want to accomplish!

I would like to know how can I proceed to create a script to animate a 3d model a 3d model and how to make it placable?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of programming languages/programs you can use to make 3D models. Please be more specific about:

  • what you already have
  • what your demands are (are you trying to get an animation running in a browser, in a Java program, etc. etc.)

How can i code to encode an XML file and how to script to animate my 3d and make it placable in fs19

OK, that is a bit more clear. For the next time, realise that it wasn’t clear from your first post you were talking about Farming Simulator.

This tutorial seems helpful: https://www.yesmods.com/farming-simulator-modding/how-to-mod-farming-simulator-19/