Hide Workflow "error annotations" in Summary


Most of our workflows are simply running terraform. Of note, we use the -detailed-exitcode option with plan to be able to conditionally run an apply.

  -detailed-exitcode  Return detailed exit codes when the command exits. This
                      will change the meaning of exit codes to:
                      0 - Succeeded, diff is empty (no changes)
                      1 - Errored
                      2 - Succeeded, there is a diff

Cool. That works fine… however… Sometimes terraform correctly exits 2 (there is a diff) when everything runs fine, we also obviously need to use continue-on-error: true. This makes the “Summary → Annotations” really really really ugly.

If there’s a plan to apply, terraform exists 2 wich is a GOOD exit code but is also is non-zero therefore the actions step reports “failed” too. You see that looooooong stream of red - but that’s actually a perfect, 100% error free, run of terraform changes.

Is there ANY way to suppress those “errors” in the Summary output?

Thank you!