Hello I would like to ask a question to friends, it is possible that I be here in Brazil, and my things be updated elsewhere by myself, just for magic né! Ex: today 17/12/2017 the site updates in another place by myself on 18/12/2017 another time! My page is being manipulated, can not somebody give me a light, please? Thank you in advance.

your time zone is by default GMT -8:00, you can change in your profile settings. You can find in the right up: first.png

Then go to preferences:

Here you can change your time zone:

Hope to solve your problem

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@wesleu What @wabri mentioned is 100% correct for your GitHub Community Forum account. I would recommend giving that a shot.

If, however, you are having concerns about your github.com account, I would recommend you reach out to us at https://github.com/contact. If you are concerned your github.com account has been compromised, we can take a closer and help via private support.

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