hi. i'm new needing help understand schematics of hoverboard hack

hi from italy there, my name’s sara logiani 21 yo live in rome, i need help understanding schematics about converting hoverboard motor into golf cart. 

i really don’t know the meaning of 4 wires from chargin port. what’s their meaning. 

and if i can directly plug external battery charger thru the pack 'cos it has BMS so what’s the reason for the 4 wire connector? please help i pologize cannot understand how this forum is made. if i misunderstand please move the post. i don’t even know what’s this platform for. …http://vocke.tv/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=20150722_hoverboard_sch.pdf

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Hi @golfcartareus and welcome to the GitHub Community forum,

GitHub is a place where people can collaborate on code (software). Of course you are free to post this question here, but since this is a more software-oriented place I think you may find better engagement over on forums specifically set up for  hardware-related questions.