hi I am beginner of python and github . I Just wonder about how i use open source

Hi I am too much beginner of github and python. 

so i wonder about how i use open source code in python

"https://github.com/seroot/Glove " i got source of python in there

so which file that i have to download to using this code?

It is hard to give you the right answer because some data is missing, so I will try to point you in the right direction -

The best practice is to download and install opensource code is via the package manager (for python it is pip).

I think you are missing the basic of programming with python, so I would recommend you to take a basic online course :) 

After catching up, come back and ask again if it will still be relevant.

Hi @woaks59,

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To use that repository you can run the Main.py python file inside the root of the project. To do that you need to know: what dependencies the project have and what python version are used. I search for the requirements.txt but it doesn’t exists so you need to do some tries.

Try to run the Main.py:

python Main.py

and if there are some dependencies not satisfied try to install with pip and hope the best.

For example if the xyz dependency is not satisfy, try to run this command:

pip install xyz

Obviously you need to have pip and also python installed in your system, see the official pages: python, pip.

Hope to solve your problem :blush: 


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Hi Gabriele

First Thanks to answer my question !!

Now I am trying to learn about python now 

and your answer make me to reach easy way to learn about python! 

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