Hi, Github team. Please remove this repo. It's scam repo!

Hello, GitHub Support team.
Please check this repo - “Family Tree 365 · GitHub
This is a scam repo/project.
And Curtis Delicata is a perfect scammer.
He’s scamming a lot of developers here and on Upwork, PPH.
He created the client account on Upwork with his scam card without any amount of money.
And he let the developers work for 1 week to fix the problems of this scam project.
In 1 week, he removes the developers from the repo.
If the developers leave the comments about this scam, he removes all comments as username " familytree365".
I already told him not to scam the developers and he promised, but he keeps scamming a lot of developers.
A few hours ago, he already hired some developers on Upwork.
Maybe he will scam them in this way.
Please remove his repo on GitHub and block his account.
He keeps scamming now.

This is a scam job he posted a few hours ago.
Already hired 2 developers.

Most people have now been paid, there was a delay with a loan arriving. Any pending invoices can be sent to (removed by moderator)

Hey, kidding me now?
Do you want me to upload all job links you posted on Upwork and PPH?
I already warned you to stop this scam.
But you didn’t.
You already has been reported to the GitHub team.

Oh, already hired one more?
I can’t stand.

Hey, @curtisdelicata
No one got paid from you so far.
You keep scamming a lot of developers even I warned before.
I will share here the chat history with you.

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Hi @marcuslie

Thank you kindly for reaching out. If you are experiencing behavior against our Terms of Service or need to report GitHub account-related abuse, you will want reach out to our private support team. We are unable to assist with or discuss personal account details here in the forum.

Please take a look at this link for more details: Reporting abuse or spam - GitHub Docs