Hey guys having a basic issue but I'm still learning

Hey guys I am looking for some help. I’ve been trying to turn in an assignment for a class, and I need to post the work through Github. I was able to do it before but for the current assignment The teacher wanted us to post from a folder within the github repo. I think I am writing the link properly however I keep getting a 404 error. I’ve contained a link to my Repo (https://github.com/fjcusack/fjcusackcourseracourse.github.io). and the project in question is in the CSS folder. Thanks in advance.

Hello @fjcusack,

Your page is available here:

Unrelated, but were you trying to create a user pages site repo? If so, you should rename the repository to fjcusack.github.io. Then your page will be available from https://fjcusack.github.io/css/Mod-3Solution.html instead.