Hey everyone, I need help with a a listing API via FTP to Big Commerce

Hello thanks for taking the time to read this. I know almost nothing about programming, what I am trying to do is get some  automation added to my website. My vendors all use an FTP system to export their data, which includes product attributes inventory and images, but all of this information is in different files. Im looking for a way to do a bulk import of this data to my big commerece store with out having to manually add every or even manually edit the import. If it was a couple hundred items I wouldnt worry about it but its a few 1000 items. Please help I have no idea where to start with this! 

At a high level, you have the following steps:

  1. Read and parse the vendor data files [multiple files, different formats?]
  2. Translate the vendor data to Big Commerce format as required for the API (see next step)
  3. Use the Big Commerce API to create new product

If there are Big Commerce service providers, or tools, that could do this for you, I’d use that approach. Otherwise, someone is gonna have to write code to make those steps happen.

Thank you so much, for the information. The scope of this project is so far out of my wheel house that I hardly know where to begin. I thank you very much for giving me a starting point. On a second question is there a way that I can get something set up that would use my logins to build my product catalouge?