Heroku Github Not Working

Hello. Recently i have tried to Redeploy my Bot on Heroku, and i keep getting “Item could not be created:
Unauthorized”. Then i have disconnected my Github Account On Heroku, I Tried To Reconnect It, And I Keep Getting Internal Service Error? Is There Any Fix For This… I Been Hosting My Bot Like This For A While Now… Please help. Thanks.

My bad, Keep Getting Internal Server Error?

There was a recent security incident involving stolen tokens issued for Heroku:

I wonder if something’s still broken there, but best check with Heroku for their recovery and other possible reasons.

I literally can not connect my Github account to Heroku, and i can not deploy my Bot at all. Please is there any way you can inform Heroku about this and fix this?

how about this,

i Have made a Ticket now. I have tried again still the same issue after 24 hours. However what is interesting is that the Bot apparently is working, the bot started to work by its self and i still cant connect Github and Heroku.


Has this been solved? I’m getting the same error

Welcome @tessa-hudson, if you are still experiencing this I recommend using the Heroku Support Channel to assist.