Good afternoon everyone and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to ALL.

Would anyone like to generate a APK for me and then host it somewhere for me to download? Would be a massive help! Or at a step-by-step or guide.  Let me explain why.

I have a Github file I am interested in using and I have tried to finish it in Android studio but cannot for life of me get it to APK (I am noob so forgive me). I want this finished as a APK (see link)

I can provide Dark sky API code for weather code (UK based near London).  The instructions are no help for 'AS' and I have tried to Google help and Youtube but nothing that helpful.


Thanks in advance. TGBB

  1. Open Android Studio
  2. Click Check out from Version Control
  3. Paste the link of the repo here
  4. Import the project
  5. Do steps 4-6 under How do I get started in the readme file
  6. Click on Build --> Build APK

There you go!