Help with pep9 assembly

I need to translate the following C++ program to the Pep/9 assembly language. The program I’ve put together accepts the age and the first initial, then proceeds to the given output phase. How can I change it so that it will accept the second initial?

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int age;
char first, last;

int main() {
   cin >> age;
   cin >> first >> last;
   cout << "Your age " << age << endl;
   cout << "Initials " << first << last << endl;
   if (age >= 30)
       cout << “Cannot trust\n”;
   return 0;

This is what I've put together:

         br main

msg1:    .ascii "\nYour age \x00"
msg2:    .ascii "\nInitials \x00"
msg3:    .ascii "\nCannot trust\n\x00"
space:   .ascii " \x00"

first:   .block 1   
last:    .block 1    
age:     .block 2   

main:    deci age,d
         ldba charIn,d 
         stba first,d
         ldba charIn,d
         stba last,d 
         stro msg1,d
         deco age,d
         stro msg2,d
         ldba first,d
         stba 0xFC16,d 
         ldba last,d
         stba 0xFC16,d 
         ldwa age,d
         cpwa 29,i
         brgt senior,i
senior:  stro msg3,d