Help with npm install and cloned script


I need help understanding how to take a cloned item and conduct an npm install as well as create an .env file.

I am not a programmer by trade but trying to take a code that was created here and apply it to our Cisco WebEx Room series system

Here is the code: GitHub - voipnorm/CESeNow: CEServer app for ServiceNow

Any assistance on the correct steps to take is greatly appreciated

Hey @cwade23 and welcome to the Community!

I’d love to help, but installing software this way gets pretty technical pretty fast, so apologies if you can’t follow along. If possible, try asking help from your IT department.

  • First you’d want to open up a terminal window on the system
  • Then, clone the repository as instructed: Cloning a repository - GitHub Docs
  • Make sure npm is installed by typing npm --version. If not, Google on how to install NPM and Node.js on your system.
  • Then use the cd command to enter the folder of the repository you just cloned and type npm install

That should be it. Let us know if and where you get stuck. Preferably paste some logging or a screenshot so we can assist you better. Knowing what operating system is involved wil be helpful, too.

Thank you for this.

I am familiar with your steps; however, this is ultimately being installed onto a Cisco WebEx Room Kit video device. So where I am confused is how to install on the device unless what you are saying is to create the install folder on my laptop then push to the device.

Also, what about the .env file ?

(Excuse my typos)

I’m not really familiar with any Cisco WebEx products, but are they supposed to have software installed on them like that? On what operating system do they run? Can you SSH into them, or how else do you modify the software on the devices?