Help with my repository

Hello all! Hope everyone is safe and doing well during these testing times. I’m fairly new to coding and have no experience. I recently started learning HTML and wanted to create a resume using HTML and was hoping by creating a repository and publishing it on github, I’ll be able to show the resume to my others; however, the site doesn’t work. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? This is the site I’m referring to

Again, I’m a novice and just started coding so I don’t know all the requirements for this to work. I’m hoping the community would provide some insights as to what’s wrong with my repository.

that’s the link, but that is not the default web page, make sure you name that as index.html then remove your to avoid confusion,

with that you can have your site without any specific html to be loaded, so you will see that without the resumeCode.html


Thank you for your help! Appreciate it!

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