Help with my Github page

I am working on hosting my script (Dython) to be downloadable very easy from its Github Page. I host the script under the master branch, but the Github Page is under a different branch. I am trying to figure out how to assign what file or branch to download instead whatever branch the page is hosted at. Does this feature exists? If so, how do I get this working?

We don’t recommend uploading compiled projects to GitHub Pages for your users to download. The Pages servers are not intended for large asset downloads.

Instead I’d recommend including a download link to your repository’s releases page. For your project that would be this page:

This URL will automatically point to the latest release you’ve created for your repostory.

If you’d like to include a direct download link you can send them directly to the asset download URL, though this URL will need to be manually updated on your Pages site with each new release created: