Help with modifying to include LED output

I’m trying to add a low battery LED indicator to the python code created in the lipopi page here.

I do not know how to code but can sometimes gets by doing simple things like this.  Using this page that I found about setting up a blinking LED I’m trying to modify the original file to include an LED blink output when the low battery indicator turns on.  

What I’ve done:

Added this line to add an event ‘low_battery_ledblink’ in the event that the ‘low_battery_pin’ is triggered

GPIO.add_event_detect(lipopi['low_battery_pin'], GPIO.FALLING, callback=lipopi_low_battery_ledblink, bouncetime=300)

Added this to define the ‘low_battery_ledblink’ function. (this I’m not sure that I’ve done correctly - do I need the GPIO.cleanup? will this code work for flashing an LED?)

def lipopi_low_battery_ledblink(channel):
    global lipopi

    GPIO.output(low_bat_led_pin, GPIO.HIGH) # led on
    GPIO.output(low_bat_led_pin, GPIO.LOW) # led off

Added this variable to define the LED pin:

lipopi['low_bat_led_pin'] = 17

Any help with ensuring this will work would be awesome, thanks!

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