Help with first Universe agent

The Github Universe page offers the code for running a first agent, but I get an error for the make command. How can I fix this?

importuniverse# register the universe environmentsenv=gym.<font color="#FF0000"><strong>make</strong></font>('flashgames.DuskDrive-v0')
env.configure(remotes=1)# automatically creates a local docker containerobservation_n=env.reset()

  action_n=[[('KeyEvent','ArrowUp',True)]forobinobservation_n]# your agent here observation_n, reward_n, done_n, info=env.step(action_n)

It says it " Cannot find reference ‘make’ in ‘’ "

I don’t know where to go to get the make command. Can anyone help me out on this?

Hi @jbpt34,

Are you referencing the OpenAI Universe project hosted on GitHub? If not, could you share a link to the project that you’re talking about?



Yes, I am talking about that.

Unfortunately, @jbpt34, as that project is archived, it may be unsupported. It looks like that team’s current project can be found at Hope this helps!