Help with device plz someone

New to site and definitely not a developer, at least not a good one & not sure I’m posting in correct forum? I am looking for some HELP AND OR ADVICE on what I can or should do to fix and remove certain things from my device? I am sure that I have some sort of custom ROM or something on device that I didn’t install!!! Plz somebody help. I am more then willing to provide you with device info to pinpoint the problem. Ty.

Hello, thanks for joining our community.

I understand that it can be very frustrating and even creepy or scary to find that someone might have modified your mobile device without your knowledge or consent. We depend on these devices more and more it seems and having one’s most personal information invaded can be a very disturbing thing. On the other hand, the GitHub Support Community is for the support of GitHub features, the GitHub service, its customers, and developers of all skill levels. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include offering support on mobile devices, especially ones that have been hacked or modded … even if it was without your knowledge or consent.

Our recommendation is to contact a reputable repair shop in your local area and see what they can do to help you clean your device of unwanted software.

I hope this helps and you find the assistance you need!

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