Help with Custom Subdomains


My GitHub page is set to the custom domain This is working well and I have no problems here.

What I’d like to do now is to add a sub-domain. I’d like this subdomain to redirect to a separate repo (gh/MiragianCycle/MiragianStudios)

The support team at my domain provider (namecheap) helped ensure that I’d set my DNS records right. Now I am faced with a 404 error when going to the subdomain. This is strange cause i have an index.html for this repo.

Apologies if this has been asked to death but I didn’t see anything that matched my particular case which is why I am starting a new thread.

Thanks in advance.

The system isn’t letting me add more than 2 links so here is the sub domain in question:

If I query the DNS records of, I can’t seem to find any A or CNAME type records. How does your configuration look like in namecheap?

Looks like @Maximizationis right, there isn’t a CNAME DNS record set for that subdomain to point it towards GitHub.

You’ll need to create a new CNAME record for the miragianstudios subdomain that points towards your GitHub address

There’s some more detailed instructions on how to do that here:

Did that. Now DNS is back to not being able to find the server. Here’s a screenshot of my Advance DNS tab on namecheap.

Problem solved. Thank you both for your help.