Help with a Research Project:

Coding Efficiency and Knowledge Transfer within Development Teams
I’m helping conduct a research project at the Otago University in New Zealand that feeds into the development of a process that aims to unlock significant efficiencies within the workflow of Development Teams and I would like to ask for your participation.

I created a small survey (3-4 min) with the purpose to test hypotheses about the knowledge transfer within development teams, to identify common coding problems and to evaluate approaches for solutions.

By participating you can get access to a working prototype if you are interested.

Hopefully, it’s appropriate to leave that here. Please let me know if you know helpful communities that would like to participate as well.

There’s a typo atop the third page ‘importnat’.

Most of these questions are impossible to answer due to not knowing whether and how the implementation would work. The description is too vague to know if the result will be useful.

Good luck with your research!

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