Help with a Recursive equality check

I have to recursively find if a cell is equal to an already existing cell in a singlylinked list. But i’m not sure if this works i think it would always return false. This is my first time using this forum so i’m not sure if this is how i should go about an issue like this but thanks anyway.
private bool inDeveloped(App newApp,Cell cur)
/* pre: Have list of apps in Developed, which could be empty, and newApp to add.
* post: RECURSIVELY return true if newApp is already in Developed, otherwise return false.
* Hint: Equality of apps is on AppName. */
if (cur == null)
App temp = (App)cur.value();
if (temp.Equals(newApp))
return true;
return inDeveloped(newApp,;
return false;