Help with a project.

I have a project I’m working on, it’s generally an easy project to understand once you understand the 2 major libraries it is dependant upon. I am inquiring if someone here can assist me as I don’t always have time to work on it, and I would like to share the work load with someone else.

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Is this hired work?

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Could you please share a link to the project or at least give a short description of what it actually is? It would be also interesting to have a look at your sources.

It’s private, but an example of something like what I am trying to do is . If that is what you mean by sources.

Not at the moment.

Thank’s, now it’s clear. Why won’t you create a repository on github in order to share your work? I’m personally not interested in bot developing, but this might be interesting to many people. And also your original code would be needed to dive deep into your own project. Some body can fork your project and make a pull request, after you’d able to merge the changes. In this case the project would live even if you don’t have enough time to contribute it yourself.

I prefer to not to make the repository all of it for anyone to take. There always is a possibility of someone helping like that but me and others have agreed that we are not to publish it to everyone.


You can reach me at [sensitive information removed by moderator]

Just checking things out.

IS the Arduinio 1.8.5 IDE software a normal C compiler or is it C++ or C# or Java or something else?

I don’t see the relevance.