Help Wanted - Non-coder with an idea

I’m a non-coder with an idea. I don’t say it’s the world’s greatest idea, but I think it’s quite a fun idea that could be of interest to a lot of creative people. Others who know more about software than me tell me that GitHub is the place to find friendly programmers who like to help build MVPs based on good ideas. I have a long-term vision for my idea, and I can help with that, but I certainly can’t write the code for the app/platform that I envision…

I’ve put the rest of the description I wrote about the idea in an issue (labelled Help Wanted) in a repository … I read that’s the thing to do…

Repository link:

This may be completely the wrong way of going about this & no one may be interested – I guess I’ll soon find out. It’s a worthwhlie experiment to find out what’s possible.
Thanks for reading this far.

Yup, it’s a good idea. Sometimes tho, good ideas have already been done.

By sheer coincidence, I happened to read this article today.  At least one of the apps mentioned, Manuskript , is outline focused. You might look over the other apps mentioned to see how they align with your objectives.

A plus being that all the apps are open source, which means you should be able to participate in their communities.

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