Help wanted: Need information about having an .github folder that extends or overwrites specific files in an .github repository

So I have a question regarding the setup of having a repository named .github . I want to move certain common files to that folder while I want some repositories to be able to override certain key files (github actions workflow files) while it still uses the remaining files from the repository named .github . However is that possible at this time? If so what about placing new files in the .github folder for certain repositories as well (a unique workflow file for github actions) that do not fit well to be in the repository named .github for use for all repositories in the organization I made?

Basically I want to use an .github repository for common things like issue templates or issue forms, PR templates, dependabot configuration,’s bot configuration, etc while keeping all of the other non-common things out of that repository that are repository specific or common but sometimes needs overridden (sometimes most repositories have unit tests while 1~2 repositories might lack unit tests and so some repository steps in github actions might fail because no unit tests were found because they do not exist or at least do not exist yet).

If it’s not possible yet, could there be a way to make it possible. Also I like the idea for issue forms, is it possible to extend that to Pull Requests too as of yet?