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Hello GitHub Community! I am kind of new to GitHub and somewhat new to coding. Since I am now a member of this community, I have started working on a site which is called “Juicy”. Juicy is a free online messaging platform for all ages. I have barely got to the meat and bones of the project yet so I was wondering if anyone would like to help me with it. If you do choose to, just look me up on Github: Juicekid22/
I will appreciate the help you have given. Also I would need people who are fluent in SQL, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. :wink:


Then welcome to the GitHub Community @juicekid22! Like you, I’m just member of this community, so I’m speaking purely for myself here, based on my own experience and understanding.

I’ve joined GitHub a number of years ago (before this Community portal even existed) and have found many supportive people that helped out working my way through, understanding better how Git and GitHub work, and how to use the tools that revolve around it. So I’m confident that you’ll find a supportive community too.

The problem with your request is that it’s not quite clear (at least to me) what you’re expecting.

From the above wording I seem to understand that Juicy is already a finished product. Or is it going to be “a free online messaging platform for all ages”? (i.e. once it’s done). I’ve looked up your project and didn’t find much in terms of contents therein.

Why not provide a direct link? like:

There’s no need to ask users to go through the “look me up” process when a direct link can be a time-saver for them!
To make the most out of the GH Support Community experience, you might want go through the @discobot tutorial (if you haven’t done so already), it’s a good and quick way to learn how to format your posts and access advanced features.

I’ve visited your project and couldn’t really find much information on what it’s all about.

GitHub is an open source community, which means that people who share same interests help each other out. In order for you to find someone who’s going to be interested in dedicating time to your project you’ll need to present it well — what does Juicy do that other messaging platforms don’t do already? Which technologies are you planning to use? What are its benefits over other similar tools?

Mere curiosity alone isn’t going to be a motivating factor on a platform like GitHub, which hosts literally millions of projects.

From personal experience, usually contributors start to join an open source project when it’s starting to become mature, or at least usable. I.e. people invest energy in projects which they find useful and believe in. Rarely people are going to invest in other people’s ideas, unless it’s something so revolutionary that they want to be part of it.

Most (or at least, many) members of the open source community are people who deal in programming for a living, and yet are willing to dedicate their free time to open source (free) projects in which they believe. Some open source projects (usually, big projects with a huge user base) are kept alive by funding and donations, so that their maintainers are able to work on them full time under compensation. Ultimately, we all got where we are thanks to others helping us along the way, so most of us are willing to help others too, if they can.

The basic idea is that if you need help, in the form of advise or explanations, on some topics which you don’t understand, and you ask in public projects, you’ll find many people willing to freely reply to your questions — because both the question and the answer will remain publicly available for other people to benefit from. But if you ask the same question via private email then it’s a private consultancy (which is what many people here do for a living).

So there’s ultimately a thin line separating mutual help from professional consultancy, and open collaboration from programming services. Although the skills involved are the same, it’s the general context which makes a difference.

It’s not clear if you want to hire people with these skills — if that’s the case, GitHub has a dedicated service for this, called GitHub Jobs, where you can find talents for hire or create announcements:

If you’re looking for collaborators, you’ll probably need to start and flesh out your Juicy project until it’s usable, and wait for contributors to make pull requests, open Issues, etc. Either that or you come up with a solid ground plan presentation for your project, and start contacting developers who already work in that area and present them with your idea.

Of course, these are my personal opinions and impressions, and I might be just deadly wrong about every single point — so don’t take any of this as anything other than my personal advise.

I really believe that you’re in the right place to find support from others to make your dream-projects come true, but you also might need to get a better pulse of how the open source community works (in practice) in order to make realistic expectations and take the right steps toward your goals.

Having said that, I really do wish you good luck and all the best, and advise you to persevere in your efforts.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Thank you @tajmone for your opinion on my project, this project has been on hold for a couple of days, I was just looking for people who would like to help me finish it. I’m just like, let’s just say, stuck and don’t know how to solve a problem I have on my site.


You might want to ask for help for the specific problem on which you’re stuck, either on StackOverflow, or in the users forum dedicated to that particular technology/platform/language where you need help. Usually the easiest way is to get help one problem at the time.

This Community forum is dedicated to GitHub related problems, so it might not be the ideal place to ask for (and find) that kind of help.

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This Community forum is dedicated to GitHub related problems, so it might not be the ideal place to ask for (and find) that kind of help.

Not quite true - other forums are for Github related issues. This forum “Programming Help and Discussion” is precisely the place to ask for help when you’re stuck!

But, @juicekid22, your question does need to be a little more specific - how do you want it to work, what is broken, what have you tried … that sort of info. A pointer to the repo, rather than dumping a bunch of source here.


If you need help with what direction you want to take, then I would suggest looking into Firebase, which provides a lot of feature that you would want in a messaging web app like a database, hosting, messaging, analytics etc. It can be hard to understand it at first for beginners, but I think it will be really worth while.

Also you might want to read through this article, creating issues and correctly labeling can help make it easy for people who want to contribute:


Thanks for clarifying this @fire-eggs! Good think then that I did add the disclaimer “these are my personal opinions and impressions, and I might be just deadly wrong about every single point”, for I was indeed wrong on this.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


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wh😐wha😑whaaaaaatt?! My user is “inappropriate”? I don’t think it is. But if you really say so I could change it to something else. Thank you for the info by the way.


I’m not quite convinced about this reasoning; if this was the case then Python would be an inappropriate name for a programming language (since it would be appropriate for an “herpetology” website), and so with Ruby lang (which clashes with “gemology”).

Computer history is full of examples of naming languages and tools after animal, plants or other natural entities; so I think it would be fair to admit that one is free to chose a name of his/her liking for new tech related products — of course, if the name carries some obvious analogy or reference to the product’s features or benefits, all the better; but as we see from the Python example, similar connections are not necessary (what’s the analogy between the python snake and Python the lang?).

It’s just a nickname! how could it be inappropriate?


I dont see anything inappropriate with your username


ok :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon: :watermelon:


Hey I’m new to on the community so I’ll speak for my self. If you want some help on a project you may describe a little more the project and the problems you have. It’s more friendly than just say “Hey I’m here and I need your help” :wink:


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