Help wanted for my actions (and readme)

I could use a little help with some parts of my actions. I have tried several searches and have hit a dead end fixing the parts not working.

I have made a issue in my repo with the parts failing which include _ esphome _ check, _ jsonlint _ and push.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

P.s. I have another Github issue on how to retrieve value from a file and parse it to my readme file i need help with also.

  1. The patterns defined in branches and tags are evaluated against the Git ref’s name. It doesn’t support to monitor the tags in the other repo, it’s mentioned here.

  2. Github passed the ‘args’ to the container’s ENTRYPOINT when the container starts up, please use a docker action instead of docker image, please check the link for more details.

  3. It should be impossible to only update the link ‘[link-ha-version]’, probably can get the readme content and put it into a variable, then update the variable for the whole readme update.

Thank you for your reply, i have just tried and i just dont understand how it should look like :frowning:

How should this look like?

- name: ESPHome Version
        uses: "docker://esphome/esphome:latest"
          args: >
            python -m esphome --version
        continue-on-error: true
      - name: ESPHome Check
        uses: "docker://esphome/esphome:latest"
          args: python -m esphome --config ./config/esphome/ --script check_config --info all
        continue-on-error: true