*HELP WANTED* App development cooperation

Hi, my name is Roham, Im kindda new here so greetings are important - Hello GitHub World!

I wanted some help to make an app for businesses to help with inventory integration of various marketplaces, including Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and of course hosted online stores. However at the moment I have close to 0 knowledge in coding so I needed assistance from others to help me make this possible…

Please let me know who wants to contribute to this project.

Many thanks.

Hey There ,


It is nice to meet you, I do not find myself coming into these rooms alot, but I guess it was to see how I am suppose to implement some thing though different types of funnels for someone else in which is why I ended up here. I am learning a great deal being on this site. I wanted to see if we could discuss something on the matter of how some of these services work other than just direct sales. Anyways, I have been looking into @node.js and seems as if that might be something you could use or @Static Site Generators - Top Open Source SSGs | Jamstack and tools.

Hi Squirrel, it’s nice to meet you too.

When I look at these frameworks and read their description it’s a bit hard for me to understand what it is exactly that they do since I lack the knowledge of the terminologies used and the names of other frameworks, programming languages etc.

I think with frameworks the work to create such an app is actually minor since it doesn’t require much.

For example it would need a database that is linked to multiple marketplaces let’s say that item 1 has 10 units in stock

Therefore in all marketplaces the stock should = 10

If from amazon 1 unit is sold

then you should get a callback that updates the stock level on all other inventories

So in the end it ends up with 9 units of item 1 across all sales channels.

It is a simple how many is there? - does it match the record if yes do nothing if no update records…

What I have found out before is that API calls from amazon for example cost money… But that being said I have found Firefox extensions that can actually read the stock levels of a particular item without making API calls… I don’t know how that works but might be something of interest for you :+1:

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I understand

Well I’m wanting to help small businesses and entrepreneurs push traffic and ect. I am in network with some good streamers and had something else fall in my lap.

Much appreciated.

If you are willing to help me out on this, we will have to stay in touch… Just so I can manage this project efficiently it would be helpful to know what your expertise is.

How is best to contact you?

Where is that project?