Help to relocate files and continue version control

Hi, I am a low key github user with a very simple context. Please bear with me if I don’t get the terminology right. I have read a fair bit to try to get a solution for my request, but I didn’t find a solution or didn’t understand if a solution fitted my requirement!

My context is version control for my arduino source code files, I have a number of projects organised into separate folders and each folder is initialised as a Git repository which contains a gitignore file and an arduino source code file.

This is an example of what I currently have in place
C:\Arduino Projects\Azimuth Encoder - this folder is initialised as a git repository and contains the gitignore and source code file

I regularly update the code and use Github desktop to commit the changes and push to origin on I have also used Git Bash to do this too.

This is what I’d like to do

I have started using vsscode and platformio and to cut a long story short, it would help if my source code files were now stored in a different location C:\Users\Paul\Documents\Platformio\Projects\Azimuth Encoder (for the Azimuth Encoder project)

So, I’m thinking I’d need to initialise the new location as a git repo (?), but keep the origin the same - am I thinking along the right lines?

Really all I want to do in summary is keep version controlling my source file in Github desktop when it moves to the new location. Actually it is not a move, as PlatformIO makes a copy of the source code file when the project is imported and places it in the new target directory - C:\Users\Paul\Documents\Platformio\Projects\Azimuth Encoder

edit: I’ve just noticed that when platformio imports the project to the new location it’s in a folder initialised as a repository. Does this help?

Any help with a command(s) to achieve the above would be much appreciated.

When all is completed and tested, my intention would be to delete the projects stored in C:\Arduino Projects
Paul Kirk

thanks for looking, I’ve just found that vsscode allows me to clone my Git repositories, so I’m all fixed up. :slight_smile: