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I know nothing about source control…

I have installed the 64 bit git program, created a repository and dragged an arduino file into it. The repo is in this directory:


I created a working branch called working arduino and selected that.

I then ran up the arduino IDE and opened the arduino sketch file fom


made a small chnaged to it and saved it.

The changed appeared in the master branch.

What did I do wrong?



in fact the change I made appears in both branches. I obvously haven’t got things set up properly or more likely don’t understand the process.



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Hi @paulskirk53 As a first check, did you make sure to select the working branch before making the commit? You can see full instructions on committing and reviewing changes to your project using GitHub Desktop here:

If you’re still having trouble after reviewing that documentation, let me know!


I added an arduino sketch (a simple text file) to my repository and installed atom in order to edit it. I made a new branch and selected it. Then I made some edits to the arduino file in atom and saved them to the same file in the repository. I have obviously misunderstood something somewhere as I never see the red/ amber green parts in step two in the help link. The commit button never becomes available.

In the meantime I have got SVN working to branch, commit and revert in visual studio, so I have a version control solution with svn, but I’d like to get GIT working as there are obviously significant community advantages.

thanks for help.


Hey Paul! Thanks providing a little more detail. This sounds pretty specific to your particular setup, so could you do us a favor and send a copy of your Desktop logs as well as screenshots of each step of your process so far to Please reference this conversation with a link also, so we can help you debug a little further.

  • If you are on macOS, attach the most recent log file from:

    ~/Library/Application Support/GitHub Desktop/logs/*.desktop.production.log

  • If you are on Windows, attach the most recent log file from:

    %APPDATA%\GitHub Desktop\logs*.desktop.production.log