Help taking my first step

I have a small firt time visual studio project Windows 10 Universal windows C++/CX and reached the point where I have deployed it and can run it to my amature satisfaction on my desktop PC. I now want to progress it to an installable or stand alone .exe file and everywhere I look I find difficulties. I’m not even sure that GitHub is the correct place to be but I am trying to use this help page.

The second instruction being

If solution is not already initialized as a Git repository, select  Add to Source Control  from the  File  menu. Location of Add to Source Control option in the file menu

But (and I have the most up to date version of Visual Studio) Visual Studio does not look like that and does not have that Command structure. It looks like this

So I would appreciate it to know if this GitHub page is the way to achieve my objective and if so how do I get my Visual Studio to look like yours and hence find the command I need.

Thanks. In replying please remember that this is my first time and I’m flying solo so to speak.

The item you’re looking at is not a method for creating an installable program or standalone EXE. The page you found is for GitHub’s Visual Studio extension for integrating Visual Studio with GitHub. This is a system for handling the source code, not the compiled or distributable program or application.

If you’re looking for help in building a standalone executable or installable application, you should probably look at the support pages for Visual Studio itself.

I hope that helps!