Help! Request to delete the stolen source code

My software was stolen by thieves and posted on Github, requesting immediate deletion! My software is not an open source program, but it was stolen and posted on your website, which seriously violated my rights! Please contact me immediately and delete those stolen repositories immediately!

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Hey, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! While I imagine GitHub Staff will further help you swiftly, I recommend submitting a DMCA copyright claim through GitHub.

Yes, I have submitted it and sent an email, but I don’t know if they will look at it, and if so, when it will be processed.

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GitHub will always look at each and every DMCA notice they receive. I would imagine it would take a couple business days for them to process the request and contact you about the notice. More information about DMCA takedown policies on GitHub can be found here.

Why hasn’t it been stopped and it is still spreading? Why is such a large company so irresponsible?

Why hasn’t it been deleted yet? Why?

I would have to make the assumption that like most businesses, GitHub may not have a lot of employees working on the weekends, if any. I would wait one or two more days to contact GitHub once more regarding your copyright claim, but I’d imagine GitHub will swiftly take care of it before that time comes.

It’s really great. A few days have passed. Github is like nothing happened. Great. Call the police. Even the FBI has been contacted. There is no one in charge. They are all liars!

Is this Github? Are you a Github employee? Please help me contact them and delete my source code, otherwise Github will be a accomplice!