Help regarding Discord Bot cloning (Beginner)

Hello Everyone,
First up I am very new to coding. So if ignorance triggers you, don’t read any further. :sweat_smile:

I am TwitchMod for a korean channel and wanted to implement an accurate Translator Bot on our Korean-English speaking Discord so everyone could learn more and communicate better.
I soon realized though that almost all ready-to-use Discord Translator bots are using GoogleTranslateAPI and not PapagoAPI (which is way more accurate in translation).

I found this code template on GitHub though and wondered if I would be able to use it without to much experience.

Does anyone have experience in that field and could tell me how you set up a discord bot and implement the premade Bot-Code from hoplin? (free to use btw).
A link furtherly explaining the matter would be awesome too.

(I tried to find articles, but I didnt find any real guides regarding this; might be because I dont know what keywords to look for though)

Thank you so much for any help, :slight_smile:
I apologize for grammar or spelling mistakes. English is not my first language


Hello there,
Cloning git repositories and building discord bots actually does not require much experience at all since you already have the code available to you and you don’t have to write it yourself so to help you out I’ve wrote step by step how to do so below.

Creating a discord bot

Creating bot user:

  1. Navigate to: Discord Developer Portal
  2. If your not already login using your discord account
  3. Under applications click “new application” and give it a name
  4. Once your application has been If you wish to do so add a profile pic to the application
    (note: the profile picture for your application is also the one shown for your bot in servers)
  5. Navigate to the "bot’ tab and click “add bot” once you confirm you want want to add the bot give it a name and picture
  6. After that, your bot is ready to be invited to a server and programmed

Inviting the bot to your discord server

  1. Click on the “Oauth” tab of the portal
  2. Under “Scopes” select “bot”
  3. Scroll down and select the permissions your bot will have
  4. Copy this URL and paste it in your favorite web browser, select a server then click invite, confirmed the required fields and your all set the bot is now in the server

Cloning the repository and programming your new bot

Setting up the code and getting your bot online:

  1. Open your preferred IDE or use an online IDE (e.g. Repl-it)
  2. Clone the repository, help can be found at:

Once you have that done replace the last line with

token="(your bots token)" #can be found under "token" in the "bot" tab in the discord developers portal

or if you’re using an online IDE
Your bots token would have to be stored in .env file for security reasons using TOKEN=(your bots token)

import os"TOKEN"))

Once you have done that In the console run the command python this will run the bot and if all goes well it should now be online in discord

:tada: Congrat you have created your first discord bot :tada:

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