Help regarding Azure via GitHub Student Developer Pack

Someone help me.

I tried applying for Azure, it says this -

We could not confirm your status as a student. Click [here](personalised link removed) to begin the academic verification process. This process may take up to a few days. Once verification is complete, please come back and sign in with GitHub to redeem Azure for Students.

Any fix ? I am logged into Azure using the Github option, still it says the same.

update 1 -
Only Azure is giving this problem, other websites except Azure and AWS are working good. If any of the GitHub Student Developer Pack support team is seeing this, I would suggest you to please bring a verification code system, because many students are having this problem. And also, send me a Azure Student verification code in my mail - email removed by mods
Please do not share personal information on these forums

Thanks in advance!

The Education team isn’t on the community forums. If you have a query where you feel the need to include personalised information - such as a link given to you by a Student Developer Pack partner or your personal email address, please open a ticket.

That said, our partners provide support for their own services and we do not have any ability to change anything happening on a service that is not GitHub.

In this case, you are best to follow the instructions that Microsoft have given you and continue to speak to their support.