Help!!! Please!! How do i remove all files codes builds etc from my devices web pages computer apps?

My boyfriend added all kinds of codes and builds, files etc to all my computers, devices,etc. I can not remove them and he acts like I’m completely stupid and will believe all his lies and says he didn’t do it and plays dumb! Please can someone help me? I just want everything back to normal before he messed up everything. Everything syncs with each other. Resetting devices to factory mode does not work. Changing passwords does not help either. Help!!! Please!!!

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The problem with removing the “Gitter” app from my computer is there is no file on my computer that is named “Gitter.”

Hi @jpnoon ,

You seem to have a bit of a different issue than the OP. I would like to suggest you to open up a new topic, so the two conversations won’t overlap or overshadow each other.