HELP! Noob on github, trying to learn for a project

I am new to git, and it is quite confusing to me. What I want to do is make a Minecraft server. I need to remotely access the server files so I can update the server. My problem is I don’t quite get how it all works. The set up I want is to have a local file on my friend’s computer, and for me to be able to access the files remotely. I can edit the files, and run a command, and his files update to my version, even if he’s offline. If he has to be online, tell me that too. If this isn’t possible using git can you please recommend some resources to use. Thanks so much.

This kind of sounds to me like you’re primarily looking for a remote administration tool (like SSH) instead of version control (what git is). But maybe you’d like to describe what you need in a bit more detail?

I can think of a few things related to your question that you could do with git:

  • Track changes of your files in a repository. That lets you easily go back in case a change breaks something (and a bunch of other things).
  • Push the repository to somewhere (e.g. Github) where your friend can then get it (by cloning and later pulling the repository).
  • If you have SSH access to your friend’s computer you could push there directly, without the detour via a hosted repository.
  • You could use git hooks to automatically set up the server after an update (via SSH push, or after manually pulling).

For a general introduction to git I recommend you check out the Git Book.

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