Help: Newbie stuff

Forgive me if there is a really simple stupid answer to this. If there’s relevant help docs then please point me in that direction.

I want to create a directory with multiple folders. So there’d be a top folder, and within that there would be eight more folders, and within each of those folders they all contain multiple folders of code. This would accurately replicate the set up of our project. Is this possible?

Yes, you can create multiple nested folders with git.
If those folders are empty, just place an empty .gitkeep file inside.

is there documentation on how i do this. I was playing about for a fair bit, got top file folders, couldn’t add folders within those folders never mind add in the code in the specific folders?

thank you for your help

Hi @lisawilson984,

Welcome to the Community! Check out this thread for more information!

Create a new file and in file name enter the “foldername/filename.extension”