Help Needed

Dear all,

I have a wordpress social networking website and i want to do certain changes in design but i am not able to do it.I need help making my website design as i want. 

Hi @assant! Thanks for being here.

We need to know a few things to help us get started. First of all, could you tell us more about your website and the changes that you want to make to it? Secondly, where are you getting stuck? 


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Dear Sir,

My website URL is

I am having a problem in i click on the matches my website stops working. Also, I am not able to attach customize a text box in the sign-up section.

Hi @assant,

Thanks for the additional details. Unfortunately, they still aren’t enough to help you out productively, I’m afraid. You might want to check out the WordPress Support Forums since you’re using WordPress. Otherwise, you might want to contact a WordPress developer who can help to walk you through the help you need.


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