Help needed on conecting laser

Hi, I am new to Github and would like help on my current project.
I have built a CNC machine using Arduino mini pro. It works well, but i would like to connect a 20w Neje laser to it and that’s were i need help. As the Neje Master laser has 4 wires it’s left me stumped on the green and yellow wires. Black and red - and plus of course. Many thanks in advance.

Wouldn’t it be best to ask this on Arduino’s forum? I mean, over there you have more chances of finding people who have knowledge of that specific board, and possibly even on the laser you want to connect. The last thing you want to do is to damage the board or the laser.

Sure, you’ll also find Arduino experts over here, but that would be the official Arduino forum.

Hi Tajmone, Many thanks for your advise. To be honest i didn’t think of that, so i will give the Arduino forum a try.