Help needed - in POM in test cases using python

Can somebody help with this please. I have created one POM(for automation testing) using python. 

The webapplication has home page where I can create a form with several fields . After submiting the form it will navigate back to the homepage first with popup message . Using manually filling the form it is okay but using 

automation method page keeps on loading infinity and never goes to popup and back to home page.

For Homepage I have defined Homepage() as the class and all the methods for that particular page.For form I have define CreateTransaction() as the class and the methods for the same.

I am writing a tastecase in which -

The driver is going to homepage.clicking the button and filling the form but I am unable to submit it by clicking on the submit button.I am able to do that manually .

def test_case08(self):

sdriver =self.driver 

 home= Homepage(driver)          # form opens here

createtransaction = TransactionCreate(driver)




                 …                                  # calling methods one by one from CreateTransaction() page

create              # Here the page keeps on loading… does not return to Home page