Help needed! Grade calculator with 2D list

Okay, I’m trying to creata a calculator that eventually shows who has the best grades. I have a 2D list, including a name and 1-5 grades (numbers) (eg. [‘Tom’, 25.24, 13.23], [‘Max’, 10.92] etc.) I also have a grade limit (a number).

My idea is to create a function (limit_exceed) that goes through the 2D list, calculates all of the individuals grades together and checks if the grade limit is exceeded. I would then gather all of the individuals who have passed the grade limit in that same order they’re on the list.

After that I would create a function (best) with the same list as an argument and search for the highest score. After that I would like to return the name and the total score with .2f so that it would look nice.

The second function propably needs two returns am I right?

Does the logic make sense, anyone want to help me with the code? Cheers!

as much as we want to help too, it seems that’s a good logic, if that is public, maybe it’s best to share that to others by sending the direct URL, so we can see the entire project